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Let's Toast to that! 

In this day in age.. Most people will toast with their drink of choice.. Unless it is imperative that you offer champagne, go for champagne served at the bar, or trayed  service rather then poured at the table..

 UNLESS your into watering the grass with champagne! Most people take a sip or two, then put down the flute, which means that most of the bubbly goes to waste. Instead, guests can simply raise a glass of whatever they're drinking with dinner. Cheers! 

Martini's Etc Bartender & Waitstaff Service.Weddings, travel, s, corporate parties, fundraisers. We are fully insured, Ice Delivery & local venues, travel, cheap flights

Signature Drinks!

Signature drinks is such a fun way to celebrate your event .. Fun names and ingredients make your event not only memorable, but tasty too!! 

90 % of your guests have NO idea what they want when standing in line, why not keep the menu to a select more intimate one by removing the guess work! 

Pre -made drinks poured over ice is not only appealing but it also alleviates long lines

mobile bartender event party helper and wait staff

Host bars are great...‚ÄčWe take the Stress out of it! Let us help you with suggestions & a complementary shopping list!